Responses to your Feedback

Thank You For Your Feedback

Dear Friends

Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback about the Daily Devotions.  I wanted to let you know about some responses to that feedback.

Some of your commented that it wasn’t clear that you could change your email address using the link at the bottom of each email.  I have now changed the Templates but you won’t see the difference until September as I create the emails, and insert the readings, some time in advance.  However, over time I hope this becomes clearer.

Some of you said you would appreciate a better search facility on the Devotions archive site –  – as you use the devotions later on in small group studies, for worship preparation or to print off and use elsewhere.  Thanks to one of our writers, Walt Johnson, who maintains the archive site for us, we now have a better search facility.  You will see the search box and, below, it a link to click to get help on searching – do click that link!  In sum:

  • if you are looking for any search term you don’t need to do anything much different to now, eg: if you are looking for EITHER ‘matthew’ OR ‘mark’ OR ‘luke’ – put a space between each search word. – Enter: matthew mark luke
  • If, however, you are looking for ALL search terms you need to use the + sign.  Eg: If you are looking for ‘job’ and ‘comforter’ put a + sign before each word. Enter: +job +comforter 
  • If you are looking for a specific phrase eg: ‘bread of life’ – put the double quotation-marks around the search term Enter: “bread of life” 

There are lots of examples on the help page so you should be able to get what you are looking for.  

Several of you asked if it was ok to use the Devotions elsewhere – Synod Newsletters, local church newsletters, for small group studies – the answer is “of course!”  We want them to be used wherever you think they will be helpful.  All we ask is that you attribute them and say give the archive address – so that people can sign up to receive them.

Finally, several folk either said they printed them off for people in their churches who don’t have email or asked if it was possible to create them as booklets.  The good news is that we will now be doing this.  We are working on creating the current series on Job into a booklet, the next series – looking at art which takes us on the Way of the Cross, has been prepared and the post Easter series on Titles of Jesus is about to be turned into a booklet.  I will endeavour to get booklets out several weeks before the series starts to give people time to copy and distribute them in their churches.   We will produce a PDF document which can be printed off and then photocopied back to back, then stapled and folded into an A5 booklet.  If you’d like to receive these when they are ready please sign up for a new list here  We hope to send out the first two such booklets over the next week.

thanks for your feedback – it’s all very encouraging.

with every good wish


Andy Braunston
Coordinator, Daily Devotions from the URC Project



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