How to search…

If you are looking for something within the Devotions’ archive, it is possible to make your search more specific using additional symbols in your search.

All searches are not case specific.

The following examples demonstrate some search strings:

Looking for any search term

Example: if you are looking for EITHER ‘matthew’ OR ‘mark’ OR ‘luke’ – put a space between each search word.

Enter: matthew mark luke


Looking for ALL search terms

Example: If you are looking for ‘job’ and ‘comforter’ – put a + sign before each word.

Enter: +job +comforter


Looking for a specific phrase

If you want to find ‘bread of life’ – put the double quotation-marks around the search term.

Example: “bread of life”


Looking for a word which may end differently

If you want to find “save” or “saves” or “saved” or “Saviour” etc. – type the common letters and finish with an asterisk *

Example: sav*

Looking for a word but exclude another word

If you want to find “joseph” but not any post which contains “mary” also, put + (plus) in front of words you do want to find, and – (minus) in front of words you want to exclude.

Example: +joseph -mary



Complex searches

Want to search for something more complex? e.g. conditional or compound searches, please read here.