Pulpit Supply Material

As part of the URC’s support of local churches we are pleased to make Powerpoint Pulpit supply freely available to churches.

Any church that has a computer, data projector (or large screen) and the ability to connect the technology up to their sound system is welcome to download either a PowerPoint file (for use if you have PowerPoint on your computer) or the free Powerpoint Show file if you don’t have the program.

Everything needed for the service is there – opening music, a video introduction from the preacher, all the hymns and prayers as well as the readings and a video sermon and blessing.

Once a month we also provide a video of the preacher presiding at Holy Communion  Local churches can use all of this as-is and simply sing along.  Alternatively they may like to strip the sound file out and have their own musician play – or even change the hymns entirely.

We provide an Elder’s Script which allows an Elder to lead the prayers live rather than use the recording and we provide an order of service with the words of the hymns on as some folk find that more accessible than reading from the screen.

Complete instructions on how to use the material is available here

…and the files for the month are available here.

You can sign up to receive notice of the material by clicking here.