Day 33 – 26th March 2021 – Marissa & Poppy

September sees our first joint award to two sisters, Marrissa (16) and Poppy (9) Thorpe from Chesterfield who were nominated by Liz Sharples, Church Secretary of St Andrews URC. When the congregation heard the news of the award, we received a message from another member their who shared their appreciation of the two girls’ outreach too!

Liz shared with us some of the ways that Poppy and Marrissa have played their part in the mission of God over the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Marrissa and Poppy ar active and valuabel members of our church community. They have been attending our church and Junior Church since they were young and they both light up our services with their positive attitude each week. Over the last few years they have been willing helpers at church in many ways – helping with the offertory, serving refreshments after our morning worship, reading the Bible and taking part in services.