URC Daily Devotion Sunday 26th November 2023

Sunday 26th November 2023
Psalm 12
Help, O Lord, for the faithful have vanished;
truth has gone from the people of the earth.
Falsehood they speak one to another,
with lying lips, with a false heart.

May the Lord destroy all lying lips,
the tongue that speaks high-sounding words,
those who say: “Our tongue is our strength;
our lips are our own, who is our master?”

“For the poor who are oppressed and the needy who groan
I myself will arise,” says the Lord,
“I will grant them the salvation for which they thirst.”

The words of the Lord are words without alloy,
silver from the furnace, seven times refined.

It is you, O Lord, who will take us in your care
and protect us for ever from this generation.
See how the wicked prowl on every side,
and worthless men and women are praised to the skies.


The Psalmist, traditionally seen as David, was crying for help, because faithful and truthful people had disappeared from the world. The exact situation of the Psalmist is not mentioned, but he was certainly facing difficult circumstances.

The Psalmist was disheartened to see that human values were disappearing, so he called on God to judge those who were untruthful and had a ‘false heart.’   There is a contrast in the Psalm between faithful and dishonest, truthful and false.   The poet saw these wicked people were arrogant, they thought that their tongue was their strength and spoke hurtful words. God was expected to destroy all the people who lied and were not humble.

Have you ever felt like this? When we read newspapers, watch or hear news, so many sad and discouraging things are happening all over the world. The Psalmist longed for God to rise up and relieve oppression amongst the people groaning and thirsting for salvation – a yearning we believe was met in Jesus Christ.

The Psalmist  contrasted the false words of lying people and the pure, perfect, and precious words of the Lord which are without alloy, like silver from the furnace – seven times refined.  

Like the ancient poet, we also need to put our faith in the Lord in every situation and certainly, he will take care of us and will protect us, forever from the wicked people.

Loving and gracious Father, 
help us to be faithful to you and guide us to know your Word. 
Lead us that we could always walk in your light and be your true witnesses. 
Give us courage to speak only truth and help us abide in you. 
We ask this in Jesus’ precious name,


Today’s writer

The Rev’d Memona Shabaz, minister of 4 LEP congregations in Eastbourne


The Psalms: An Inclusive Language Version based on the Grail translation from the Hebrew
© 1963, 1986 The Grail (England) GIA Publications

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