URC Daily Devotion 23 October 2022

23 October 2022
Psalm 112
How blest are those who fear the LORD
and greatly love God’s holy will.
Their children share their great reward,
and blessings all their days shall fill.

2 Abounding wealth shall bless their home,
their righteousness fore’er endure.
To them shall light arise in gloom,
for they are merciful and pure.

3 The people who befriend the weak
in justice shall their cause maintain.
True peace shall their whole life attend,
and long their memory shall remain.

4 By evil tidings not dismayed,
the righteous trust in God alone.
Their heart is steadfast, unafraid,
for they shall see their foes o’erthrown.

5 Dispersing gifts among the poor,
the righteous for their needs provide.
Their righteousness shall thus endure;
their strength in honour shall abide.

6 The wicked will be brought to shame,
while righteous ones will see the LORD.
Unrighteous hopes will not see gain,
for sin will find its due reward.

Psalter Hymnal 1987 © Faith Alive Christian Resources
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I read a couple of commentaries about this Psalm because as much as I like it, I didn’t know much about it. They were varied but they didn’t explain why I felt the way I did when I read it.

Scripture can challenge us, teach us, comfort us, uplift us, guide us and give space for thinking about and growing in God. I love that it begins “Praise the Lord!” because it reminds me of celebration and joy in the Church year, which in the year of our 50th anniversary feels very special. Too often we are doom and gloom in life and Church, we don’t celebrate how good God is to us. This Psalm is a reminder that we need to praise and celebrate how amazing God is. 

This summer I had emergency spinal surgery and afterwards the surgeon told me a number of things that I hadn’t anticipated I would hear. At that moment I had to accept that physically I will always be classed as “differently abled”:  now and over time I will become more reliant on various aids to help me move and live. Not once did I feel alone or scared because every time someone said to me “your life is different now” or “are you not worried about continuing in ministry” I felt a deep calmness wash over me and felt God saying “I am with you and I know what the plan is”. That is the same comfort I feel when I read this Psalm. I am not imagining wealth, a perfect body, a capitalist idea of success, but I am seeing that God is always with me and wants the best for me spiritually and emotionally, but not only for me, for everyone, for every single person. 

Thank you O God
For never giving up on me or turning away. 
Help me be more like you with everyone I encounter each day.

Thank you O God
For the experience of your righteousness and justice.
Help me be more like you with everyone I encounter each day.

Thank you O God
For the wealth of faith and riches of love that you have filled my home with.
Help me be more like you with everyone I encounter each day.


Today’s writer

Kirsty-Ann Mabbott, Church Related Community Worker, Coventry.


New Revised Standard Version Bible: Anglicized Edition, copyright © 1989, 1995 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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