URC Daily Devotion Sunday 27th September 2020 Psalm 16

Sunday 27th September Psalm 16 

1 Protect me, God, I trust in You
I tell You now, ‘You are my Lord’.
On You my happiness depends.
Protect me, God, I trust in You.

2 Your people are a chosen race
And I delight in faithful friends,
But pagan ways I will not share.
Protect me, God, I trust in You.

3 Lord God, You are my food and drink
My work for You is joy indeed,
Glad is the heritage that’s mine.
Protect me, God, I trust in You.

4 Thank You, my Lord, for warning me,
By night and day You guide my thoughts
With You before me, I stand firm.
Protect me, God, I trust in You.

5 So now I’m glad in heart and soul
For I have found security
Among the dead I shall not rot.
Protect me, God, I trust in You.

6 Not death, but life, shall be my path
Abundant joy Your presence grants
An honoured place, and happiness.
Protect me, God, I trust in You.

Paraphrase of Psalm 16, Michael Saward (born 1932)
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns

you can hear v1 here


I have no defence but God. In the face of all that life throws at me, I place my trust in God. God is my protector, my sanctuary.
God’s ways tend towards goodness, so I strive to follow them. God has my devotion, allegiance and fidelity.

I ask for the strength, courage, and inspiration to truly be a beacon of God’s nature, blessing and joy.

I weep for the world, split by violence, fear and selfishness. I weep for myself as I struggle for unity, peace, comfort and equity.
I give thanks that my life is held within God. Whatever life brings, I will trust in God. There is always a silver lining, a lesson to look back on, an opportunity for goodness. A struggle can bring strength. A mistake can bring wisdom. The moment may be overwhelming but time can give perspective.

I give thanks for the still small voice, the urgings of my conscience, and the insights of dreams.

I strive to keep my focus upon God, to remember God’s presence beside me, to cheer my heart, lift my spirit, and quieten my fears.
In life, and in death, I am within God. The blessing of life is before me and God invites me to experience, share and celebrate its joy and delights.


Protect me God, I trust in you.
When it is hard, and when it is easy – trust in God.
When I am safe, and when I am unsure – trust in God.
When life affirms, and when it denies – trust in God.
In life and in death – trust in God. Amen


Today’s writer

The Rev’d David Coaker serves with Grays URC in Essex.


New Revised Standard Version Bible: Anglicized Edition, copyright © 1989, 1995 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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