URC Daily Devotion Sunday 31st May

Sunday 31st May  Psalm 149

1 Praise the LORD! Give him glory and sing a new song.
Praise the LORD with his saints in the worshipping throng.
2 To their Maker let Israèl joyfully sing;
Let the people of Zion be glad in their King.

3 Let his people with dancing give praise to his name,
As with harp and with timbrel their God they acclaim.
4 For the LORD in his people takes special delight,
And he crowns with salvation the meek in his sight.

5 Let the saints shout for joy at the grace he bestows;
Let them sing and rejoice while they take their repose.
6 May their mouths be employed in the praise of the LORD,
And their hands be equipped with a double-edged sword.

7 They will punish the nations and captive will bring
8 All the peoples of earth, every noble and king.
9 They will execute judgment commanded by God.
Thus his saints will be glorified. Worship the LORD!


Can you imagine the sight?  All the congregation up on their feet singing and dancing and playing their instruments in praise of God?  What an image that would be, what a joyful vision it would portray to be totally uninhibited in our celebration of worship?  When was the last time that such an image was a reality?  When was the last time we were so inspired by our worship and our faith that we couldn’t help but express it physically and in song?
Traditionally we are a nation of more staid convention.  We sing our familiar hymns to tunes that are fitting with not a tambourine or guitar in sight.
Yet all we need do is attend a large rock concert or pop concert or musical evening to see the way that music can capture the heart, the soul, the feet.  It is virtually impossible to remain seated at a rock concert and even less possible to avoid joining in the song and the dance that are taking place.
So why should church be so limited.  Why should our praise, of a God who encompasses every aspect of our lives be so sedate?  Why do we find it so hard to “let go” and let every part of our being praise God?


Give me joy in my heart keep me praising – give me joy in my heart keep me singing.  Give me joy in my heart keep me dancing.  Lord when we praise you, may our worship be joyful, thankful, inspirational but most of all honest.  May we offer our worship with our whole being and let us dance as if no-one is watching.  Amen.

Today’s writer

The Rev’d  Ruth Watson Minister in Bolton and Salford Missional Partnership


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