Daily Devotion 30th September 2018

Psalm 66

Shout loud with joy to God;
all earth, your chorus raise!
Sing loud the honour of his name
and glorious make his praise!

Speak thus to God the Lord:
“How great your works of power!
So overwhelming is your might
that foes before you cower.

“All earth bows down to you;
they sing aloud your fame.
They never cease to celebrate
the glory of your name.”

Come, see what God has done,
his mighty works of old,
His deeds towards the human race—
how awesome to behold!

To let his people pass
on foot through waters broad
He turned the sea into dry land.
Let us rejoice in God!

With might and power he rules;
on nations sets his eyes.
So let not rebels in their pride
against him turn and rise.

O peoples, praise our God;
his praise in song repeat.
He has preserved our soul alive,
from slipping kept our feet.

You tested us, O God,
as silver is refined.
You laid sore burdens on our backs;
in chains we were confined.

You let us be oppressed;
we went through flood and fire.
But yet you brought us to a place
which met our hearts’ desire.

With whole burnt offerings
your temple courts I’ll tread;
I will fulfil my vows to you—
the promises I made.

I’ll keep the vows I made
when trouble came my way;
Rams, bulls and goats I’ll sacrifice
and on your altar lay.

Come, all who fear our God;
I’ll tell what he has done.
I cried out to him with my mouth;
his praise was on my tongue.

If I had cherished sin,
the Lord would not have heard;
But surely when I prayed to him
God listened to my word.

For ever God be praised,
who hears me from above;
He has not turned away my prayer
or kept from me his love.

You can hear this sung to the tune Carlisle here.



‘Well… you make me wanna shout…’

I can’t read the opening line of this Psalm without hearing Lulu singing ‘you make me wanna shout’. The Psalmist is excited and wants the whole of creation to shout in praise of God. I wonder, how often do we let ourselves get this excited about what God is doing in our lives? How often are we excited enough to shout? Bold enough to shout about the grace and love of God?

Why is the Psalmist so excited? The Psalm tells us that it is because God has answered prayer.

Sometimes perhaps we wonder, if we are honest, about answers to prayer. Sometimes it feels like there is no answer. Sometimes, in the deep of night, we wonder or doubt if something was an answer or just happenstance. We say that God answers prayers in peculiar ways. Other times we are certain, we see that God has answered prayer, but perhaps we are fearful to express that publically. Afraid to whisper it, let alone shout.

The Psalmist knows God has answered  prayer. The Psalmist is certain, sure and is shouting in praise. This Psalmist encourages us to shout too.

‘So, come on now, say you will now’… let’s be certain, proud and loud. Let’s shout about our faith and our God. Let’s shout about those answers to prayer, little and large, minor and miraculous. Let’s shout about how God is working in our lives, our communities, our towns. Let’s shout about our God who does not ignore prayer. Let’s shout about God’s unfailing love.

Let’s be brave and shout. ‘Jump up and shout now, everybody shout now’. Along with everything on earth let’s shout and tell the whole wide world about God.



Listening God,
We give thanks that you listen to us,
hearing our every word,
feeling our hurt,
sharing our joy.
Make us both listeners to others,
and shouters of your message.
Make us bold, loud and proud.

Today’s Writer

The Rev’d Jo Clare-Young is minister of the North Yorkshire Coast Pastorate of the URC.

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