URC Daily Devotion 25th June

Psalm 3

O LORD, how many are my foes!
How many up against me rise!
They all are saying now of me,
“In vain he on his God relies.”

But you are my protector, LORD;
You are a shield around me spread.
My glory comes from you alone,
The one who raises up my head.

When to the LORD I lift my voice,
In face of those who hate me still,
The LORD will hear my cry to him
And answer from his holy hill.

I settle down and sleep in peace;
I wake in God’s upholding hand.
I will not fear ten thousand foes
Who circling round against me stand.

Arise, O LORD! Save me, my God!
Deliver for your mercy’s sake!
Strike all my en’mies on the jaw;
The wicked’s teeth in pieces break.

The LORD alone deliverance sends;
No other source of help have we.
Therefore upon your people all
May your eternal blessing be.

This can be sung to the tune Galilee  or the tune Uffingham


How many are my foes! How many up against me rise! The psalmist is amazed by the growing opposition. How many?! It is a familiar feeling to many of us. How many? How many more difficult days can there be? How much more worrying news? How many more challenges for our world and our future?

But rather than allowing fear and worry to triumph the psalmists find courage and confidence in the knowledge that God is present. They dwell on what they know of God’s character, they draw strength and faith from God’s actions in their lives so far. They meditate on God’s encompassing protection, in the evocative image of a shield.

The shield is the most often mentioned ‘weapon’ in the Psalms, reminding us of God’s protection, our help, our shade and our strength. Focusing on God as a shield, the psalmist can inspire us to lift our heads up in faith, despite an uncertain future. We may rattle our swords in anger or frustration, but this shield, God’s shield, is much more powerful.

Recalling all God has done for us before, how God has sustained us safely through other dark nights, we, like the psalmist, can pray for deliverance with confidence and praise, knowing that deliverance comes from God alone.


God of protection and blessing,
You surround us, sustain us and shield us,
Your actions of yesterday give us assurance for today.
God of promise and deliverance,
Lift our heads, our hearts and our hopes,
So we may look confidently towards tomorrow.

Today’s Writer

Jo Clare-Young is an ordinand at Westminster College and member of Cuxton URC in Kent

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