We’re 50!


Dear Friends,

as you know this month we celebrate the URC’s 50th birthday!  Fifty years ago today the first two of our four traditions came together at Westminster Central Hall and Westminster Abbey to mark the union of the Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church of England and Wales.  A few years later the Re-Formed Association of the Churches of Christ joined and, in the year 2,000,  many congregations of the Congregational Union of Scotland joined too.  

Anniversaries are times to celebrate and reflect.  To help with this over the next two weeks a range of writers will help us reflect through the Daily Devotions.  This morning Michael Hopkins mused on our pattern of celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion and, over the next two weeks we’ll think about:  our hymn writers, ecumenical credentials, trusting in God, the place of younger people in our life, women’s ministry, the vibrancy of local churches, whether our union was the start or the end of a process, freedom from the state, who has power in the URC, inclusivity, ordinary and faithful sanctity, as well as  how we use Scripture in our life together.

We’ve already sent out a study pack with much of this material which local churches could use in mid week groups  – in person or online – or on an away day together.  You can see the material here.  Very soon we’ll be sending out material which could be used in Advent. 

We’re also offering four Zoom sessions to look at the Jubilee material.  These will be offered at 2pm and 7.30pm on Tuesdays 18th and 25th of October and Tuesdays 1st and 8th November.  Please register here and choose either afternoons or evenings.  Spaces are limited to 12 or so at each.

We hope you enjoy these reflections as we give thanks for our life together thus far and muse on where God may be calling us next.

with every good wish


The Rev’d Andy Braunston,
Minister of Digital Worship


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URC 50th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to share with you the special edition of Worship Materials: Jubilee Celebration

Within this email, you will find lots of exciting resources for your church and ministry to use:

1st October marks the URC’s 50th anniversary, where a live stream service will take place on the URC website: www.urc.org.uk
Keep an eye on our social media channels for the direct link closer to the date.

Worship Material
We include five services with notes to celebrate the Jubilee month*. You can read more about how these work here
Prefer to develop your own worship material?  No problem, download our Worship Notes here

Study Pack
The Revd Andy Braunston (Minister for Digital Worship) has created a Jubilee small group study pack, based on the Daily Devotions that will be shared during the first two weeks of October. It can be downloaded here

Extra Resources
The URC has also made a fantastic array of worship material for the Jubilee celebrations, including quizzes and even a play script! There is something for everyone and every age, click here to see everything they have. 

There is even more to celebrate at the URC shop

Finally, there are still tickets available for the URC’s anniversary service at Methodist Central Hall. Click here to book your ticket.
If you hurry, you can add a visit to Church House for FREE


FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide is attached at the bottom of this email 
*If you would not like to receive future emails regarding Worship Materials, please unsubscribe at the bottom of the page.

Worship Material

Sunday 2nd October service will be led by The Revd Andy Braunston:
This service includes Holy Communion.

  • To listen to the service, click here.
  • To download the service and all the supporting materials, click here.

The service length is 52:24

Having trouble? Click here for support. 

Sunday 9th October service will be led by The Revd Dr Elizabeth Welch:

  • To listen to the service, click here.
  • To download the service and all the supporting materials, click here.

The service length is 44:22

Having trouble? Click here for support. 

Sunday 16th October service will be led by The Revd Jonnie Hill:

  • To listen to the service, click here.
  • To download the service and all the supporting materials, click here.

The service length is 41:18

Having trouble? Click here for support. 

Sunday 23rd October service will be led by The Revd Jenny Mills:

  • To listen to the service, click here.
  • To download the service and all the supporting materials, click here.

The service length is 45:47

Having trouble? Click here for support. 

Sunday 30th October service will be led by The Revd Fiona Bennett And Members Of The Church Life Review Group

  • To listen to the service, click here.
  • To download the service and all the supporting materials, click here.

The service length is 39:40

Having trouble? Click here for support. 


A Beginners Guide to Daily Devotion’s Worship Material 

Every month we produce resources for churches to aid them in their worship which we send out around a month in advance on this email list. 

Worship Notes 
…are a resource to help Elders, Lay Preachers and Ministers prepare worship.  They contain all the prayers that would normally be used in a URC service, notes on the readings to work into a sermon and a variety of hymn suggestions taken from the main hymn books we use – Rejoice and Sing, Singing the Faith, Church Hymnary 4 and Mission Praise.  We include Affirmations of Faith and Communion prayers which could be used either on the Sunday concerned or another Sunday in the month.  The resources could be used as they stand or used to stimulate ideas.

Is an audio service is  distributed ahead of time on this email list in a variety of formats to give to those who are housebound. The link is to an streaming site, Soundcloud, and a downloadable track is available on the supporting materials links. 

Pulpit Supply
Those who lead these services to video themselves giving the introduction, sermon and blessing and, when it’s Communion, presiding at Communion.  The prayers are recorded by a variety of people and hymns are added and all the files are placed into a PowerPoint file (and a compatible PowerPoint Show file which can be used even if you don’t have the PowerPoint programme).  The PowerPoint can then be used in church if you have a data projector and the ability to connect a laptop to your sound system.  It can also be adapted so the hymn audio files taken out and the organ played locally with the words on the screen or the hymns could be removed and substituted for different ones.  Similarly, the prayers could be led locally – we provide an “Elders’ Script” and “Order of Service”, so that the service is a mix of what we provide for local folk to lead and the recorded introduction, sermon and blessing.


FAQ & Troubleshooting

When should I download the materials?

We recommend you download everything at least a week before the service. I am available Tuesday – Thursday by email to support with any technical issues.

We also recommend to test the PowerPoint on your church systems to ensure they are compatible. 

What is in the PowerPoint service?

The PowerPoint service is an electronic version of the full scripted worship and has all videos and music supplied. The whole service is made for you, so all you need to do is click and go! 

How large are the files?

The word documents are a megabyte or smaller.
The sound files are, on average, 40MB
The PowerPoints are up to 3GB due to embedded media 

How do I download multiple files at once?

  1. Hover your mouse on the left hand column next to the headings list.
  2. A note that states Toggle selection for all items will appear. 
  3. Tick the box and blue circles will appear next to the file names.
  4. Click download at the top of the page. 

Remember, these files are large and should be downloaded well in advance of use. 

How can I change the PowerPoint?

Click on the link for the PowerPoint service to download and make changes.

Hover your cursor over the service you want and a small circle will appear next to it on the left.  Click that circle then use the download button, on the top bar, to download the service which can then be edited.  If you make a mistake – don’t worry! You can always press “undo” or re-download the presentation!
If you do not download the PowerPoint, it will not work! 

If you have trouble downloading, follow the steps here.

What is the difference between all of the materials?

To make our services as accessible as possible, we have created the service in three ways for you:

1. A full service, with all readings, hymns and sermon notes included – very useful for those who may be hard of hearing. This is also available in a booklet format to save paper and to use as an order of service, if you wish. 

2. An Elder’s script, with all the reading parts provided for an Elder to rune a service along with references to the hymns and videos on the PowerPoint.

3. An Order of Service, is a simple order of service which has the hymns and prayers on for the congregation to follow.

You many use any of these versions that you feel will work for your church. 

Why have I been taken to the Soundcloud website?

The Soundcloud site is where we host the recordings.  This address can be shared far and wide with those who wish to listen to the service.

Please don’t share this link, as the hosting service isn’t designed for lots of people listening at once. 

If you wish to download the audio version of the service, you must download the service audio on the shared drive. 

Why do I have to download the materials?

If you do not download the materials, it is likely to not work and crash. This is because you are trying to use a large file on a shared drive. Because we have supplied all of the videos and songs within the presentation, it takes a lot of internet and time to run!

If you download the file, it will run smoothly and requires no internet connection at all!

Copyright Considerations

The Performing Rights Society give a waiver for music played in worship so you don’t need a licence if you are simply playing the recordings in church. You will, however, if you then live stream or record and then broadcast the service on the internet.

Hymns are copyright if the author is alive or hasn’t been dead for 70 years. So for those hymns, you will need to add your church’s CCLI number on both the Order of Service and the PowerPoint.

If you require more support or wish to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Here’s to 50 more years! 


Peace and Blessings,

The Revd Andy Braunston (Minister for Digital Worship)
Hannah Clark (URC Communications Assistant)


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