Intercessions in Difficult Times

Intercessions for Difficult Times
Dear Friends,

the announcement today about the rise in gas and electricity prices was both expected and deeply shocking.  We know that unless something radical is done to both assist folk now and fundamentally change how our energy markets work there will be many people going both hungry and cold this winter.  

The following prayers of intercession have been written to aid both personal and corporate prayer this weekend.  They have a resonance with Sunday’s Gospel reading but stand well even if that reading isn’t used.  

We hope you find them useful

with every good wish


The Rev’d Andy Braunston
Minister for Digital Worship

Eternal One,
in these days of sunshine and rain,
of refreshing breeze and lazy afternoons,
as many prepare to join those already back at school,
and as thousands prepare to head to university or the world of work,
we praise and give you thanks for all that is good in our lives,
   for those we love,
   for those whose company we enjoy
   for the beauty that surrounds us in the created order,
   for the random acts of kindness we see day by day,
   and for all that adds value and worth to our living. (pause)
Lord Jesus,
you often told the rich off for ignoring the poor,
you weren’t a great guest at dinner parties,
rebuking the host for the guest list,
telling folk not to grab the best seats,
and to give without any hope of earthly reward.
We lift to you, dear Lord, all
   who are desperate in these days;
   who already struggle to pay their bills,
   who are in deep panic about the coming power rises, and
   who cannot make any further savings and who will go cold and hungry this winter. (pause)
Holy Spirit,
you are the creative spark which sets us ablaze,
you are the warmth of love that leads us to serve the poor,
you are the fire in our bellies that leads us to cry for justice;
Inspire, we beg you, those who aspire to lead our nations to work for justice,
   to be creative with reforming our broken energy markets,
   and to offer relief to all who dread the coming months,
that none may go cold or hungry this winter. (pause)
Eternal One,
in the midst of our praises and our prayers, we’re worried,
   worried about our own bills,
   worried about our church’s bills,
   worried about how the groups who use our church will afford to continue,
   worried about how we can make a difference in these difficult times;
keep us ever alive to your spirit,
allow us to find ways to open our doors and our hearts to your promptings,
to unleash our resources of time, talent and treasure,
that none may go cold or hungry this winter. (pause)
We remember before you now all those known to us in any form of need (longer pause)
We join all our prayers together as, with Jesus we pray, Our Father…

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