Sunday’s coming

Sunday’s Coming

Dear Friends,

Sunday’s service will be led by the Revd. Andy Braunston, Minister for Digital Worship. Andy will be picking up on the theme of Living Stones. He talks about rocks. A lot. But trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds! He begins his introduction with “I’ve always been interested in rocks”. Don’t be put off by this – he has a lot of inspiring things to say!

Songs include Rock[s] of Ages by Def Leppared, Rock[s] DJ by Robbie Williams, I love rock[s] and roll by Joan Jett. And anything by the Stone Roses. Sorry, wrong script….

Hymns include Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Bernadette Farrell’s Everyday God and Brian Wren’s Bring Many Names.

The service will be sent out, as normal, at 9.45 on Sunday morning for a 10am start.  If you have any problems receiving it please read on for advice.

with every blessing,


Dan Morrell
Technical Assistant, Daily Devotion Sunday Services from the URC

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