Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross

Dear Friends,

Today, in this Holy Week, we look at the Stations of the Cross. This powerful video takes us through the Passion of Christ.

I don’t know about you, but Holy Week, each year, brings such a mix of emotions.

Some of this emotion is simply stress, stress caused by a difference in how we should be feeling vs. how we are feeling. e.g. “Holy Week / Good Friday area is a sad time so you should be feeling sad”. But, friends, please know this (and this is not specific to Holy Week this year, a lockdown Holy Week, it applies to each year):

How you feel is how God wants you to feel. We all react to things in different ways. It’s what makes us unique and human. Each year we may even feel something different, as life events occur, as our spirituality develops, as our faith changes, so will our reactions to things. So please don’t fret, take this Holy Week in the way God intended you to do.

The link to the video is here. With some accompanying text here.

with every blessing,


Dan Morrell
Editor, Daily Devotions from the URC

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