Saul, David and Solomon

Saul, David and Solomon

Dear URC Devotions

I hope you enjoyed the short series on Creationtide and were given some food for thought.

Between now and late December we will be focussing on one of the great sagas in the Old Testament – the story of the establishment of the Kingdom under Saul, through it’s growth and consolidation under David and then we leave it on the point of division at Solomon’s death.

After settlement in the Promised Land, Israel saw itself as a theocracy.  From time to time God would raise up a Judge who would lead the people but, over time, the clamour for a king grew.  The experience of monarchy was not, it must be said, a happy one. Saul was unstable, David – lauded as the godly king – was an adulterer and murderer and Solomon – seen as wise – enslaved people for his building projects, expanded the kingdom beyond what it could cope with and, after his death, it split in two – the northern Kingdom of Israel with Judah in the South. The stories of these flawed kings have fascinated, and informed, God’s people for thousands of years.  

As ever I am humbled by the positive feedback that people send in about the Daily Devotions and the stories you tell me about where and how you use them.  Over 2,600 people now receive them via email, another 300 or so read them via our dedicated Facebook page and around 150 people get them in PDF booklet format and either print them out for their own use, or for folk in their congregations who prefer them on paper, or use this format and load them on a Kindle.  The Devotions’ own website has all the previous devotions, the booklets we’ve created so far and an ability to search the archive for those who’d like to explore a bit more or use the material in small groups.

with every good wish


Andy Braunston
Coordinator, Daily Devotions from the URC Project


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