Some Media Interest…

Media Interest in the Devotions

Dear Friends,

a couple of months ago many of you shared how the Devotions were making a difference in your life – your words were very moving indeed. 

One of our subscribers works for a media company and there is a possibility that there might be a piece put together for National TV on the Devotions looking, in particular at the difference they make.  The company are still in the very early stages of exploring this but if it goes ahead would like to interview someone about that difference.  Many of you shared how you used them whilst commuting or at work to give a sense of peace in the midst of a busy day, some told me that you read them to ill spouses, another told me you use them to encourage people who are in desperate circumstances. 

I wonder if any of you would feel able to share how you use them in such life changing ways on TV.  If so please get in touch and we can continue the conversation.

with every good wish




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