Daily Devotions over the next Two Weeks




Daily Devotions over the next Two Weeks

Dear URC Devotions

Christ is Risen!  Happy Easter.

I hope you have had chance to celebrate the resurrection today as we mark the triumph of love over hate, life over death, and good over evil.

Over the next two weeks a range of writers are going to be exploring some of the Titles of Jesus used in the Bible.  The readings will be very short but on each day a writer will explore the meaning of the various titles – King of the Jews, Son of David, Son of God, Lamb of God, Rabbi, Light of the World etc.  

We hope this short series will help you appreciate the different ways in which Jesus was described as we follow our Risen Lord in our daily discipleship.

with every good wish


Andy Braunston
Coordinator, Daily Devotions from the URC Project



O God,
in this season of reflection,
help me to find the people
who are calling me to change my ways
and to search my heart.
As the Winter deepens,
may my heart be stripped bare,
so that when comes the Spring,
I can rise renewed
and flourish into life. Amen.

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