Resources for Lent 2023

The sessions look at some of the people who have been declared to be saints by the Church (or are on the journey to such a declaration) – people whose lives especially pointed to God.  The Church has declared many people to be saints but we thought it would be good to look at lesser known, edgy, saints.

Some of the folk we look at lived on the edge of what we now consider the centre of things.  Others were edgy for other reasons – their politics, influence, the way they subverted convention or, in one case, for being a dog!  Some were acclaimed by the people long before, or despite never, being proclaimed as saints by the Church.  So as we read about people we, probably, have never really heard of, we think about what it might mean to be edgy saints and contemplate how they made a difference and how we might too.

Each session looks at three saints and offers information on the saint, a reading, reflection, discussion questions and a prayer.  Each week a hymn is suggested and you can email me for backing track music for them if that would be useful.  The material comes with leaders’ notes and is in large print or booklet format.  It could be used in person in church, across a pastorate, as an ecumenical Lent course or online via Zoom.

Leader's Notes Participant's Booklet